Types of bad clients - how to deal with them?

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Have you ever wondered why your work is taking a long time to finish? You may be noticed something is destroying your time.  It's not because of you. It is because of your unorganised client. I will tell you why? 
Regularly make you run behind him/her
When it comes to giving information/details about the project, Most of the clients don't use one medium for conversation. They will talk one thing in the phone call and they will send another thing in the text and then they will send the different one in the email. Here you will get annoyed and sits in doubt which one you need to follow up. Setting one medium for communication is very important. Otherwise, your whole work will get mess up. 
These types of clients are improper and lazy to do things. They will always use the medium which is easy for them. They will not send the contents or details on time as well. Every time you have to follow up with them. Because of the random medium, they will not remember what they talked about the project or what kind of information/details they had given to you earlier. They will constantly come and seek you on how you are doing the work and always try to fix your work and provides the information while working in progress.

Talk with your client during the initial stage of the project itself and fix one platform for communication and fix one medium for gathering information/details about the project.
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