Who Am I

Born in 1990, Studied B.Sc Multimedia, Resides in Chennai

Being Deepan

Being a free spirit and a philanthropist in every true sense, I chose to be a Freelance Designer and Web Developer 12 years ago since then there has been no turning back. Hi! I am Deepanraj aka Designer Deepan from Chennai, India and my journey of being a Freelancer boldly states who I am. Dating back to my childhood, my passion for Design and Art led to the successful completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia & Animation from Arena Animation Academy in Bangalore, India.

My independent perceptions, thought processes, and beliefs make me an independent individual in every true sense hence, I love to work independently on myself or my projects to do complete justice to the tasks in my hands. You must be thinking why I chose to walk on this path? The answer is outstanding rewards, outputs, and extraordinary achievements. In a nutshell, I am a thinking person who believes in himself, refuses to be a follower, and leads his way.

My Principles

“Do it perfectly otherwise don’t do it!” Be it personal or professional life, I am a person who takes care of every little detail that requires my attention. Also, when it comes to work, I accomplish any given task by taking complete ownership of the work i.e. my client’s vision becomes my vision so that I can deliver more than what is required.

I don’t believe in working for money or chasing it, as I believe that my account balance can never define who I am. My focus has always been on working for my passion and I let my work speak for me.

Animated Version of me

What Am I Adept At?

As a Freelancer my areas of expertise include Logo Design, Branding, User Interface / User Experience Design, Web Design & Development, Packaging design, Print & Graphic Design, Concept Art for comics, video games & movies,  Graphic Design for Prints & Advertisements.

756 Projects Completed

A Painter at Heart

Additionally, I am a professional Artist who willfully wants to add beauty to this world through his Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor Paintings. Pursuing my innate talent made me win 9 National level Gold Medals in India and other 14 National Level Awards which include: the Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad Award, Young Artist Award, Wonder Artist Award, India’s Young Achiever Award, Artist of Valentines Select. If this intrigues you then you can check my artwork by visiting my personal art website www.deepanraj.com

Open To Work

Hi, I am open to working full-time/part-time, remotely, or at your office. Ready to relocate